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Shows by Verity and Mike are professional stage and screen presentations employing modern audio-visual techniques. They are designed to entertain a sophisticated audience as well as being uplifting and family-friendly.

Our shows feature songs from the golden age of popular music. We review the roles artists played in the entertainment industry through the songs they made famous and their unique delivery, rather than through an impersonation or imitation. We research, write, produce, as well as perform our reviews, telling the stories behind the songs while also chronicling the impact on Australian audiences in a manner that is both informative and entertaining.

These shows present an entertaining and thoroughly researched review of the popular music genre of the 1950s and 60s, focussing on the careers, recordings and live performance catalogues of iconic artists of the time, including Matt Monro and Perry Como. The content and format of the shows provides an engaging opportunity for secondary music students to experience music from these eras, as an enrichment to their formal music studies and interests, supplementing high school music programs, for example, the shows: Welcome to our World, Swing Time and Show Tunes, provide overviews of different music genres.

Some shows, such as those reviewing the songbooks of Jim Reeves, Matt Monro and Perry Como can be performed solo midweek by Mike and are very suitable for entertainment at a retirement community or retirement village because most Australian retirees have lived through the heyday of these artists and can instantly relate to the songs.

We can also provide general dinner-dance entertainment locally in Canberra ACT, NSW South Coast and other nearby regional centres focusing on three musical genres:

- retro lounge, dinner dance, supper club or piano bar music delivering sophistication and style;

- sixty's dance music delivering nostalgia and excitement; and

- country music delivering warmth and connection.

Live entertainment for dinner-dance events, including weddings, draws upon the three genres, but for special events such as theatre restaurants, morning/midday melodies, luncheons, corporate events and supplementing secondary school music programs, we are able to showcase each of them. 

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