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Swing Time

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Swing had become a distinctive and danceable music style by 1940. The Swing Era featured big bands led by outstanding instrumentalists, e.g. Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey. Frank Sinatra got his start at this time when his mother bought him a then rare (and expensive), microphone and valve public address system (as well as a convertible). Frank was then able to make himself indispensable to bands he thought might further his career. During the period 1940 to 1950 before The Voice's vocal cords haemorrhaged and he developed a sometimes abrasive stage personality, his tender delivery and boyish looks made him the first teen idol. Apart from his music his greatest achievement was perhaps his consistent stand against racial intolerance.

The late 1990’s swing dance revival is still going very strong with clubs such as the Canberra Swing Katz. Verity and Mike’s Swing Time show recalls the golden years and to add dazzle can be teamed with anything from a single dance couple to a troupe. The show fits well within Roaring 20’s, Gangsters or Wartime nights for corporate or themed events.

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