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Welcome to our World: The Story of the Nashville Sound

Welcome to Our World tells the story of the Nashville Sound, country music's successful answer to rock 'n' roll. The Nashville Sound resulted from a decision in 1957 by Decca (Owen Bradley) and RCA Victor (Chet Atkins) to expand the appeal of country music, replacing fiddles and steel guitars with string sections and vocal groups such as the Jordanaires. Having worked as a radio announcer, Jim Reeves instinctively understood how to utilise close microphone technique to complement the new orchestration. Jim's song Four Walls in early 1957 was the first to succeed on both the country and pop charts with this new style.

In the show, Michael and Verity take the audience on a nostalgic journey exploring the many surprising connections between Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline, two stars of the Nashville Sound. Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves crossed paths while performing at Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. Unfortunately, they died similarly in the early sixties in plane crashes with both Jim and the pilot of Patsy's plane having not only the same chief instructor but also the same examiner! Posthumously, Patsy and Jim 'performed' a duet of the songs Have You Ever Been Lonely and I Fall to Pieces. Jim loved Patsy's singing and respected her so highly that, despite having a rule about not allowing his band to back any other act, he made an exception for Patsy. They occasionally did live duets on the road. Their interaction on stage was always electrifying and mutually respectful.

Michael and Verity review the special recording techniques and sensitively present many classic Nashville Sound hits. The show is not a tribute, it reviews the overlapping aspects of Jim and Patsy's lives that led to the creation of the Nashville Sound, after which the audience can decide if respect or admiration (tribute) is appropriate.

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 Verity performing Walking after Midnight at the Empire Theatre

Michael performing Distant Drums at the Empire Theatre

The premiere of Welcome to Our World

at the Empire Theatre attracted a

capacity audience.

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