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Show Tunes: Enchanted Melodies

A review of the modern musical.

The foundations for musical theatre were laid in the late eighteenth century but we had to wait until 1927 for Show Boat, the first real blockbuster, no longer frivolous and sentimental but dealing with serious social issues. In 1943 Oklahoma established the pattern, after which some of the most famous musicals followed: South Pacific (1949), West Side Story (1957), Les Miserables (1985) and Phantom of the Opera (1986). Tunes in these musicals are only fully experienced in the context of the story. Some tunes became standards e.g. Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific.

In the show Verity and Mike review the important writing partnerships and recreate magical moments, from the West End and Broadway, when tunes perfectly encapsulate experiences of the heart. This show is designed for those familiar with the important musicals, who enjoy romantic experiences and can readily enter an enchanted reality. Contact us for an A3 poster for venue use.

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