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Sing Along with Mike

In the early 1960s, Mitch Miller became a household name with his community singing television show, Sing Along with Mitch. Viewers were presented with lyrics at the bottom of the television screen similar to movie theatre sing-alongs which in addition, utilised a bouncing ball to keep time. The show's format was also popular in the UK, where comedian Max Bygraves hosted his own version, Sing Along with Max. Many of the songs, such as Side by Side and Bye Bye Blackbird had already found their way into the Australian psyche through country dances and singing toasts at weddings. Sing-alongs remain popular, for example, current Sound of Music sing-alongs, a segment of which is included in the show. Mike projects lyrics onto a 3x2m screen and encourages audience participation via a roving radio microphone. Walk down memory lane in a one hour rendition of magical musical moments with a Sing Along with Mike.

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